Certified Online Business Manager

You’re on the ball 24/7. Never stitching off, hardly ever taking a holiday if at all!

You have a team on board but managing them is taking more of your time away from the very job that you love doing. Things are falling through the cracks, your clients are getting pissed off, you don’t know if you are coming or going and you’re on the verge of throwing in the towel.

You’ve reach a financial ceiling point in your business and you can’t seem to break through or have the time to push it forward to reach those financial goals.

You feel unorganised and your current systems if you have any aren’t helping matters. You don’t know where your team are currently in each stage of the project and you are in email overload.

Do you feel like you need a second pair of hands, another you in your business who can come up with ideas to take your business forward, someone to make you accountable, someone to share your business plans with who will implement those goals, to streamline your processes, manage your projects and keep your team on track - and actually take a holiday without worrying or thinking about your business, and enjoy that glass of fizz laying on that sun-lounger, sounds like bliss right?

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Here is where an OBM comes in:

My job is to make sure that the right things get done at the right time, in the right way, and by the right people.

I would be responsible for:-

  • Project & Launch Management

    Laying out plans and managing projects through to completion, including launches, managing programmes, creation of new revenue streams and updating websites etc?

  • Operations Management

    Making sure systems and processes are streamlined and in place for your business. Automating systems and creating processes for all day to day activities in the business to streamline and simplify how things are run.

  • People Management

    Running your team for you, so you can concentrate on the job you love, outsourcing, leading the efforts of the team to meet business goals and hiring the right team.

  • Metrics Management

    Tracking and analysing statistics, and coming up with ideas and solutions to improve. Checking whats working and whats not so that decisions can be made for ongoing growth.

So what is the difference between a Virtual Assistant and an OBM?

In a nutshell the VA is the do’er and the OBM oversees and manages all aspects of your business.

I think it’s a great way to manage a business, when you can delegate and offload some of those areas that are impeding on the time you could spend doing what you do best, then it helps create a cohesive operating system behind the scenes.

What happens next?

We first have a Discovery call, where we will chat about how an OBM can work for you and your business.

We will have a 90 minute Strategy Call where we will go in depth about your business vision and goals.

I will then present you with a 90 Day Strategy Plan to help you achieve those visions and goals which will go into thorougher detail on how we will do this.

I would love to chat to you further…

Fill out the Form below and we can set up a time to chat about how we can make your business thrive together


Prices start from £500 Per Week based on a 10 hour retainer

What if you don’t think an OBM is needed in your business right now?

Perhaps you just need someone to help you with the Strategy side of your business. This 90 minute call, will delve deep into your business vision and Natalie will create you a 90 day strategy plan.

We will delve into various areas in your business such as:-

  • Your big vision and goals for your business

  • How these can be achieved over a 90 day period with step by step actionable tasks

  • Events/Launches

  • Systems & Processes

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • How to manage your time efficiently and effectively

Sound good?

And All For Just £200

If you do then decide to go ahead with an OBM Package, the cost of the Strategy Session will be deducted from your first months invoice.

It’s been amazing since Natalie came on board. She has helped me be able to help more people by reducing what I have to manage, and also has the foresight to see where she could be helping in other areas.

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