ALL THINGS OBM – Operations Management

Welcome to a series of blogs relating to online business managers and what the benefits are to you as a business owner when you employ an OBM.

Each blog will look at a specific function of an OBM in relation to an online business.

Firstly, let’s discuss in brief what an OBM is and then we can look at OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT and how your OBM can assist you.

Online Business Manager: Well as the name suggests, an OBM helps manage online businesses, or anything relating to the online side of a business. This can be anything from website maintenance to social media management, calendar management, project management and more.

An online business manager can be an integral part of your business as they are able to juggle many balls and therefore keep many things going at the same time, ensuring that your business is well taken care of.

So, now that you know what an OBM is, we will now look at one of the roles they can play in your organization.



Operations management within a business, whether a brick and mortar business or online one is imperative. Having someone who specializes in this is the best thing you can do for your business as there are many small running parts that need to be managed.

Operations management is essentially taking a raw project and seeing it through the production stages and then moving on to the end product or result.

An OBM is generally a jack or jane of all trades and the way that they would oversee the operations of the business is in the following way:

  • ·Delegate specific task to specific person – this would be done by handing over the project or task to the right person suited to what is needing to be done

  • Check in – the OBM would check in with the VA or team member who is completing the aforementioned task at set times to ensure everything is on track and heading towards deadline

  • Rceipt of task and quality check – once the task is completed it will be sent to the OBM to check and make any changes needed and so forth before being handed over to the business owner as a completed project

  • Hand over – The OBM would then be the person to hand over the completed project to the business owner with any necessary notes.

In essence, the project or task never really gets checked on by the business owner themselves throughout this process. They will liaise with the OBM as needed but mostly the OBM will be in complete control of operations management through to hand over.



In conclusion, when you employ an Online Business Manager you will have ease of mind that things are running as intended in the background.

They will be juggling the balls while you get on with the more important things, and they will quality check projects and tasks for you to free up your time.

If you need any further information on what an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant can do for you, book a discovery call and we can discuss your business needs further.