ALL THINGS OBM – Project Management

Welcome to a series of blogs relating to online business managers and what the benefits are to you as a business owner when you employ an OBM.

Each blog will look at a specific function of an OBM in relation to an online business.

Firstly, let’s discuss in brief what an OBM is and then we can look at PROJECT MANAGEMENT and how your OBM can assist you.

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Online Business Manager: Well as the name suggests, an OBM helps manage online businesses, or anything relating to the online side of a business. This can be anything from launch management, social media management , project management and more.

An online business manager can be an integral part of your business as they are able to juggle many balls and therefore keep many things going at the same time, ensuring that your business is well taken care of.

So, now that you know what an OBM is, we will now look at one of the roles they can play in your organisation.



Project management is something that is very important in a business, especially if there are regular projects on the go, because you want to make sure that when a project or task is started it is carried through and executed properly and in a timely manner. At the end of it all you want a conclusion, a finished product and having someone oversee everything can help this happen.

When I was in my 9-5 role, I was a project manage, I learned valuable skills during this time, which have no doubt led me to my online business manager role now and have helped me to provide an even better service to my clients.

Now how can an OBM help with the project management role?


An OBM usually has great skills when it comes to organization and overseeing of tasks and all things that are needing to happen in order for the project at hand to run smoothly.  An online business manager generally oversee the following project management processes:

  • Developing plans for your upcoming projects with timelines and task delegation

  • Explaining the needs of your project to team members and keeping them updated about status reports

  • Setting up and maintaining management tools

  • Following up with all members of a team to ensure that deadlines are met

  • Handling challenges as they emerge for quick solutions.



An online business manager can sometimes be confused with a virtual assistant and almost be seen as the same thing. This is not true and an OBM is far more than just an assistant. 

The online business manager’s skills can mean that they are able to setup PR events, oversee affiliate marketing, oversee and manage team members working on other tasks and working in other departments within the business and in doing this frees the business owner up to network and concentrate more on the parts of the business that they know best.


In short, an OBM as a project manager in your business can be a definite blessing and will help you be more at ease and able to be more present within the business role.

When you hire an online business manager you can be confident in handing over the reigns and see results day after day. You will in essence have a new business partner.

If you would like to know more about what an OBM can do for you or would like to book a discovery call visit my website.

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