Top 10 Self-Development Books You Need To Read Now!

Do you ever make time to read a book that can help with your self-development?

Maybe you do not always have the time to sit and read a book in its entirety, but even reading a few pages once a day can have a serious impact in your life and give you a more positive and enlightened outlook on the day ahead.

Now the conundrum is – which book or books should you be reading to have the best possible outcome? It is true that there is a myriad of titles out there and each has its place but which one is right for YOU?

In this article we will look at the 10 best titles you need to be reading right now.

The outcome of this for you is hopefully to find the one – or five - that speak to your heart and speak to what you want to achieve.

Let’s take a look!



We did the research so that you don’t have to.

Below are the top 10 self-development books you need to be reading now.

1.    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – One of the oldies but goodies. This book written by Stephen Covey is probably one of the best-known self-help books around and it is extremely popular. The book’s undertone is about creating balance and being grateful for the things that bring about the outcomes you are looking for.


2.    Think and Grow Rich – Written by Napoleon Hill, this is another one of those books that has many a follower, and for good reason. If increasing your wealth exponentially is what you are wanting to do, then this is the book for you.


3.    The Power of Positive Thinking – This book was first published in 1952, even back then the idea of using positive thinking to bring about favourable result was around and is still true for today. A great book if you are looking for practical ways to incorporate positive thinking into your daily routine.


4.    The 4-Hour Work Week – A New York Times bestselling title, this book is written by Tim Ferris and is incredibly popular with entrepreneurs and small business owners. Working smart not hard is the definite underlying motto with this one.


5.    The 48 Laws of Power – Another best-seller this is the first book written by author Robert Greene. It basically outlines why and how the power elite use similar traits to achieve success. Time for you to tap into these powers too!


6.    The Success Principles – Written by Jack Canfield, this is also a much older book but still so relevant today. Living with passion and purpose, that is what it is all about.


7.    Crushing It!  – Written by four times New York Bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk this is his latest offering of wisdom and inspiration for the entrepreneur.  Gary comes with loads of experience in this field and can certainly boost your self-development and business growth with his knowledge.


8.    Unwaken The Giant Within – A list of self-development books would not be complete without some Tony Robbins. Possibly one of the most motivational and inspirational people in the world whose passion for what he does is infectious. This is one of the most popular books on his long list of achievements and is well worth the read.


9.    Tribe of Mentors – This is another Tim Ferris book and because it is highly recommended by aforementioned Tony Robbins, you can only imagine it is something that needs to be on your bookshelf.

10. Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement – Lets end of this list with another of Tony Robbins masterpieces. This is number two on the list of Tony Robbins books to read now, so go and get it.



Now that you have a comprehensive list of some of the best and most popular self-development books around you can decide for yourself which speak to you and your business and your journey.

As mentioned in the beginning, if you do not have tons of time to sit and read books endlessly then even just a page a day is a good start – or you can even look at audio versions of the books.

Audible is great for this and you can find heaps of great books on there and you can listen to it in the car, at the gym, when you’re taking a walk – the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your self-development journey!