ALL THINGS OBM – Operations Management

Welcome to a series of blogs relating to online business managers and what the benefits are to you as a business owner when you employ an OBM.

Each blog will look at a specific function of an OBM in relation to an online business.

Firstly, let’s discuss in brief what an OBM is and then we can look at OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT and how your OBM can assist you.

Online Business Manager: Well as the name suggests, an OBM helps manage online businesses, or anything relating to the online side of a business. This can be anything from website maintenance to social media management, calendar management, project management and more.

An online business manager can be an integral part of your business as they are able to juggle many balls and therefore keep many things going at the same time, ensuring that your business is well taken care of.

So, now that you know what an OBM is, we will now look at one of the roles they can play in your organization.



Operations management within a business, whether a brick and mortar business or online one is imperative. Having someone who specializes in this is the best thing you can do for your business as there are many small running parts that need to be managed.

Operations management is essentially taking a raw project and seeing it through the production stages and then moving on to the end product or result.

An OBM is generally a jack or jane of all trades and the way that they would oversee the operations of the business is in the following way:

  • ·Delegate specific task to specific person – this would be done by handing over the project or task to the right person suited to what is needing to be done

  • Check in – the OBM would check in with the VA or team member who is completing the aforementioned task at set times to ensure everything is on track and heading towards deadline

  • Rceipt of task and quality check – once the task is completed it will be sent to the OBM to check and make any changes needed and so forth before being handed over to the business owner as a completed project

  • Hand over – The OBM would then be the person to hand over the completed project to the business owner with any necessary notes.

In essence, the project or task never really gets checked on by the business owner themselves throughout this process. They will liaise with the OBM as needed but mostly the OBM will be in complete control of operations management through to hand over.



In conclusion, when you employ an Online Business Manager you will have ease of mind that things are running as intended in the background.

They will be juggling the balls while you get on with the more important things, and they will quality check projects and tasks for you to free up your time.

If you need any further information on what an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant can do for you, book a discovery call and we can discuss your business needs further.



ALL THINGS OBM – Project Management

Welcome to a series of blogs relating to online business managers and what the benefits are to you as a business owner when you employ an OBM.

Each blog will look at a specific function of an OBM in relation to an online business.

Firstly, let’s discuss in brief what an OBM is and then we can look at PROJECT MANAGEMENT and how your OBM can assist you.

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Online Business Manager: Well as the name suggests, an OBM helps manage online businesses, or anything relating to the online side of a business. This can be anything from launch management, social media management , project management and more.

An online business manager can be an integral part of your business as they are able to juggle many balls and therefore keep many things going at the same time, ensuring that your business is well taken care of.

So, now that you know what an OBM is, we will now look at one of the roles they can play in your organisation.



Project management is something that is very important in a business, especially if there are regular projects on the go, because you want to make sure that when a project or task is started it is carried through and executed properly and in a timely manner. At the end of it all you want a conclusion, a finished product and having someone oversee everything can help this happen.

When I was in my 9-5 role, I was a project manage, I learned valuable skills during this time, which have no doubt led me to my online business manager role now and have helped me to provide an even better service to my clients.

Now how can an OBM help with the project management role?


An OBM usually has great skills when it comes to organization and overseeing of tasks and all things that are needing to happen in order for the project at hand to run smoothly.  An online business manager generally oversee the following project management processes:

  • Developing plans for your upcoming projects with timelines and task delegation

  • Explaining the needs of your project to team members and keeping them updated about status reports

  • Setting up and maintaining management tools

  • Following up with all members of a team to ensure that deadlines are met

  • Handling challenges as they emerge for quick solutions.



An online business manager can sometimes be confused with a virtual assistant and almost be seen as the same thing. This is not true and an OBM is far more than just an assistant. 

The online business manager’s skills can mean that they are able to setup PR events, oversee affiliate marketing, oversee and manage team members working on other tasks and working in other departments within the business and in doing this frees the business owner up to network and concentrate more on the parts of the business that they know best.


In short, an OBM as a project manager in your business can be a definite blessing and will help you be more at ease and able to be more present within the business role.

When you hire an online business manager you can be confident in handing over the reigns and see results day after day. You will in essence have a new business partner.

If you would like to know more about what an OBM can do for you or would like to book a discovery call visit my website.

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Top 10 Self-Development Books You Need To Read Now!

Do you ever make time to read a book that can help with your self-development?

Maybe you do not always have the time to sit and read a book in its entirety, but even reading a few pages once a day can have a serious impact in your life and give you a more positive and enlightened outlook on the day ahead.

Now the conundrum is – which book or books should you be reading to have the best possible outcome? It is true that there is a myriad of titles out there and each has its place but which one is right for YOU?

In this article we will look at the 10 best titles you need to be reading right now.

The outcome of this for you is hopefully to find the one – or five - that speak to your heart and speak to what you want to achieve.

Let’s take a look!



We did the research so that you don’t have to.

Below are the top 10 self-development books you need to be reading now.

1.    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – One of the oldies but goodies. This book written by Stephen Covey is probably one of the best-known self-help books around and it is extremely popular. The book’s undertone is about creating balance and being grateful for the things that bring about the outcomes you are looking for.


2.    Think and Grow Rich – Written by Napoleon Hill, this is another one of those books that has many a follower, and for good reason. If increasing your wealth exponentially is what you are wanting to do, then this is the book for you.


3.    The Power of Positive Thinking – This book was first published in 1952, even back then the idea of using positive thinking to bring about favourable result was around and is still true for today. A great book if you are looking for practical ways to incorporate positive thinking into your daily routine.


4.    The 4-Hour Work Week – A New York Times bestselling title, this book is written by Tim Ferris and is incredibly popular with entrepreneurs and small business owners. Working smart not hard is the definite underlying motto with this one.


5.    The 48 Laws of Power – Another best-seller this is the first book written by author Robert Greene. It basically outlines why and how the power elite use similar traits to achieve success. Time for you to tap into these powers too!


6.    The Success Principles – Written by Jack Canfield, this is also a much older book but still so relevant today. Living with passion and purpose, that is what it is all about.


7.    Crushing It!  – Written by four times New York Bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk this is his latest offering of wisdom and inspiration for the entrepreneur.  Gary comes with loads of experience in this field and can certainly boost your self-development and business growth with his knowledge.


8.    Unwaken The Giant Within – A list of self-development books would not be complete without some Tony Robbins. Possibly one of the most motivational and inspirational people in the world whose passion for what he does is infectious. This is one of the most popular books on his long list of achievements and is well worth the read.


9.    Tribe of Mentors – This is another Tim Ferris book and because it is highly recommended by aforementioned Tony Robbins, you can only imagine it is something that needs to be on your bookshelf.

10. Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement – Lets end of this list with another of Tony Robbins masterpieces. This is number two on the list of Tony Robbins books to read now, so go and get it.



Now that you have a comprehensive list of some of the best and most popular self-development books around you can decide for yourself which speak to you and your business and your journey.

As mentioned in the beginning, if you do not have tons of time to sit and read books endlessly then even just a page a day is a good start – or you can even look at audio versions of the books.

Audible is great for this and you can find heaps of great books on there and you can listen to it in the car, at the gym, when you’re taking a walk – the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your self-development journey!


How can you use Trello and shave hours off your admin work

Admin – that five-letter word that strikes fear, or loathing, into many a business owner. Are you one of those people who just really dislike admin work and how much time it can take to complete it all?

What if I told you there was a tool out there that is easily accessible and can help shave hours off your admin workload?

Enter Trello – a timesaver, lifesaver, beauty of an app that all business owners, entrepreneurs and virtual assistants should be using.

I use it in my business, and I cannot imagine doing things any other way.

In this blog I will discuss why Trello is so great and highlight some of its features.



Trello makes keeping track of tasks easy. Whether you have a team you are managing or purely need something for yourself, to keep all your ducks in a row, Trello can really be a lifesaver.

This nifty app is also very user friendly and easy to navigate plus it can store a large volume of information and keep it neat and concise and everything is easily accessible from desktop to mobile device.

Some of the main features of Trello are:

1.    Creating cards for specific tasks

2.    Uploading of files to the cards so that everything is in one place, i.e documents, images and these such things

3.    Sharing of information with team members – if you are managing a team

4.    You can use Trello just for yourself to keep your own projects on track

5.    You can even add client details and share cards relevant to the client’s business with them – again streamlining the whole admin process – everything in one place, all the time

Trello is almost like a whiteboard for your business filled with sticky notes which can be moved around, archived and discarded once completed.



In conclusion it is safe to say that Trello has a place in almost any business, and especially so for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

A good project management tool can make a major difference in productivity and Trello is up there with some of the best project management tools around.

So, if you are looking at streamlining your business processes and want to be able to see everything that is going on at a glance, then Trello is for you. You can download it easily from the website and get to work right away.

I hope you find this helpful and if you know of someone who may need this information, please fee free to share.

Thanks for reading!



The TO-DO LIST – Everyone’s go to when trying to organise and prioritise tasks that need to be completed within the business. FYI – This list can be detrimental to your health and your sanity. 

You know things are out of hand when your to-do list has a to-do list, and that may sound funny but it happens. The to- do list almost starts to multiply and before you know it you can no longer function or control the to-do list.

This is why so many people are outsourcing various things on the to-do list to freelancers and virtual assistants. People who can take the load and the stress off of your shoulders and allow you to breathe and centre yourself once more.


Now your list may be as long as your arm and you are probably wondering what you should, could or would delegate to someone else to do. What do you feel comfortable handing over to someone else? What are you able to complete and are more equipped to deal with? 

It is not always easy to hand over things pertaining to your business, and that is fine and normal, but sometimes you do have to let go just a little bit. That being said, obviously you do not want to hand over something which is going to mean hours of training someone else to do it as this will just add stress instead of relieving it. 

THE STARTING POINT – Take a look at your to-do list and be honest with yourself about the things only you can do and the things that someone else could easily learn and do (by themselves ideally). Most times people will think, “Oh my goodness, I cannot hand any of this over”, but in actual fact you could probably delegate about 95% of the list if you just let go.

Anything vaguely admin related can definitely be outsourced; so data entry, email management, internet research, even follow ups with clients and other businesses, these can all be done by a virtual assistant.

Some virtual assistants can have very diverse skillsets and can be experts in things like website updates, graphic design, cold-calling and such, so if things like this happen to be on your list you could very easily be outsourcing these things too. 

Once you have established what you have to do without fail (so promoting your business, networking and things mainly related to your business and what you know about it) you can then start making a task list for your virtual assistant – or in some cases entrepreneurs hire more than one virtual assistant to take care of various tasks. 

To keep track of time spent on tasks and managing the tasks and projects you have delegated you can use tools like Toggl and Trello and Asana. These are great as they give you peace of mind that things are happening and also allow for faster and easier communication between you and your virtual team. 


At the end of the day it is human nature to want to have the finger on the pulse at all times and have complete control over everything, but in reality with the fast-paced life we all live these days it can become increasingly difficult to be one person doing everything – especially when you are wanting to build an empire! 

So do some research and see if you can find the right person and the right fit for you to hand out some of those items on your to-do list and start to breathe again and do what you do best.

If you are not sure where to start looking, get in touch, I can maybe point you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading!



BURNOUT! Do you know the signs?

Burnout is becoming quite a hot topic these days, especially when talking about business owners and entrepreneurs.  The ever growing need to be successful and on top of things in this fast paced environment can be extremely detrimental to your health. 

When you start to feel the effects of burnout taking its toll, and it is different for everyone, it is best to take a step back and reassess things before you end up completely shut down and unable to do anything.

This article tackles this topic head on and will provide you some ideas on how to avoid the burnout before it even happens.


If you can answer yes to two or more of these and you have been non-stop on the go for a long period of time, it is possible you could be heading for burnout:

1.      Chronic Fatigue

2.      Emotional Detachment

3.      Insomnia

4.      Lack of concentration/low attention span

5.      Loss of appetite

6.      Depression

7.      Headaches

8.      Frustration

9.      Anxiety

10.   Bouts of Anger towards loved ones and others

It is true that these can also be symptoms of other things going on, but generally this is what you will be experiencing when you are heading for burnout.


Burnout is very closely linked to your job, or in the case of a business owner, to the actual running and upkeep of the business.

Things like chaos and high pressure to be at the top of your ‘A’ game all the time can be one of the biggest contributors to ending up burnt out and exhausted to the point of no return.

You can sometimes feel helpless and like you are a failure – these are not true statements and should be eliminated from your thoughts.

Ways to prevent burn out can be any of the following:

1.      Talk to someone – You will not be a burden if you open up, vent and release every now and again. Speak to your family or friends and let them know how you are feeling and that you need some support

2.      Limit contact with negative people – Having negative and toxic people in your circle can be a huge contributor to ending up burnt out. The constant negativity feeds into your everyday life and you start to take on that trait and this just compounds the feeling of not being able to achieve all that you feel you are expected to. If you can pinpoint people who are like this, you could choose to speak to them first and try and change their mindset but inevitably the easiest is to eliminate from the group altogether.

3.      Find new friends – making connections with like minded people can be very helpful and take your mind off the things that are plaguing you. You may even find someone who has been where you are and can actually help you through it all.

4.      Delegate some of your workload – When you have a massive workload and you take everything on yourself it really can cause serious damage to your health. The best solution – delegate some of the tasks out to someone else, such as a virtual assistant. You will be amazed at how much relief you can get just by doing this.

Ultimately you would want to prevent getting to the point of total shutdown of your systems because for sure you want to be successful and grow your business and so forth, but if you completely shut down you could be out of the loop for months and even years in severe cases. This could result in losing it all – which is definitely not where you want to end up.


We are all only human, but we also sometimes think we are invincible, until we are not.

Do not wait for the day that you are completely out of commission and need to let go of the reigns permanently.  When you start to feel or see the signs do something about it.

Live your best life!

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Are your existing clients helping you bring in new ones?

As a virtual assistant it is no secret that word of mouth is probably the biggest and best way to gain new clients. So, are your existing clients helping you bring in new ones?

We are in a very competitive environment at the moment and with so many businesses possibly doing the same thing as you it is beneficial to have something which helps you get ahead and stand out amongst the crowd.

A very good way to get your name out there is to get your existing clients to do it for you.

Find out how to go about this without being too intrusive, and start getting the results you are looking for.


When you have a decent sized client bank and you have been working for them for a fair amount of time, you can start asking them to give you some feedback on the services you have rendered thus far.

This feedback can help you learn where you may need to improve but it can also be a help in gaining new clients. Asking your clients for a testimonial is not taboo and you should not be afraid to do so.

The below are other options you can use to gain new clients via your existing clients:

1.      ASK FOR REFERRALS – People know people who know people and it is for this reason that you should not be afraid to ask your existing clients whether they perhaps know of anyone that may be needing the services you have on offer. You can even do something like offering your clients a discount for a month or some added service if they refer someone and that person signs a contract with you

2.      TESTIMONIALS ON SOCIAL MEDIA – If you have a Facebook page or even an Instagram business account, you could ask your clients if they would be willing to add a review to your page or website. Ask them to be specific and mention what it is that you have helped them with. This is sure to catch the attention of potential new clients.

3.      USE YOUR TESTIMONIALS WHEN PITCHING – When you are out there looking for new clients, pitching your business offerings, utilise your testimonials and reviews from your clients. This will immediately give you an advantage as the potential lead can see straight off the bat that you have indeed done the type of work you claim to be an expert in and your clients are over the moon with the results.

A definite bit of advice is to say, do not be afraid to speak with your clients. If you are providing them with top-class service and they are truly happy then you can be sure that the testimonials you get will be great and have new business streaming in.


Keep your existing clients happy and they will provide for you. Even if they do not physically go and speak to people on your behalf just a few words on what you have done for them and how pleased they are with the end result is all you need.

Remember that nothing is impossible and having an end goal in sight of how many clients you would ideally like to have (and can manage successfully) is your first step and with some skilful networking with your current client base, you can be sure that you will reach that goal sooner than you expect.

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I see you there; yes you, the one trying to juggle everything and no longer finding joy in your business. Instead it is becoming a whole lot of mundane tasks that you are doing purely because you want your business to carry on running and being successful – but let’s face it, you really dislike the idea of creating copy for newsletters and even more so, you generally find no excitement in setting up automations.

Well, what if there was a magical unicorn who could take all of this stress and irritation away from you?

Now I hear you saying, “Doubt that will happen”, well it can, all you need to do is look and find your perfect Rockstar virtual assistant.

This article will highlight 8 benefits of hiring a virtual assistant onto your team – you will wish you did it sooner!

VA Blog.jpg



So, as mentioned we will be looking at 8 benefits of hiring a virtual assistant within your establishment and how you will wish you had discovered this service sooner.

Let us first define a virtual assistant before moving on:

In short a VA is someone who provides support to a business/entrepreneur from a remote location.

Now let us look at the reasons why you may need a VA and how the collaboration can benefit you and your business.



Sure you want your business to be successful, but you also really dislike completing the mundane, day to day stuff like data entry and email management. Enter your VA! Virtual assistants are generally very well versed in this particular type of task and can definitely take that off your hands.


This could possibly be the biggest benefit of having a VA, more time for yourself and the ability to spend more quality time with your family. When a VA takes all those time-consuming tasks off of your plate things become easier to manage, time is easier to manage and everyone wins.

It is important to realize that you are the owner of your business and therefore you should be running your business, not the other way round.


Another huge benefit, especially for a startup. When you take on a freelancer, virtual assistant, this person will work remotely from their own home (so no office fees), they will use their own electricity and data to complete the tasks, in fact everything they use will be for their own expense.

What’s more, you will not be liable for sick pay, leave pay, taxes or any other costs that are the usually the norm for businesses.

All in all, having a VA is a big money-saver and definitely a worthwhile investment.


When hiring a VA it is a good idea to look at the areas you may struggle in. For example, maybe you are not a tech person necessarily and find it all a bit daunting, hire a VA who specializes in this area and take all that stress away from you – and you can even learn from the VA should you wish to do so.

The same is true in reverse, you can train and teach your VA things that you may know and he/she does not in order for them to work more efficiently in your business.

Bridging the skill gap is a great way to incorporate your VA into your team and into your business and ultimately can be extremely beneficial for all parties concerned.


When you, as a business owner, are overwhelmed by all that needs to be done you can easily lose sight of things and drop at least one of the balls you are juggling.

When you make the decision to hire a virtual assistant you can hand some of that juggling over to your and you can both work together to get the job done.

As a business owner, you have a main niche (as does a VA) and generally your niche would be selling your business, your offering, your service, product, whatever it may be, and instead of worrying about all the other smaller things you can now breathe and focus on what you do best – while your partner in business, your VA, takes care of the rest – and together you make the business succeed and grow.

VA Blog 2.jpg



In conclusion, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by looking into hiring a virtual assistant within your business. There really is no risk and if it does not work out you can always look again as there is sure to be someone out there with the skill set you are looking for.

A virtual assistant can be a great asset to any business and you will both learn and grow together as things in business, technology and life evolve and change.

The key to your success as a business owner, entrepreneur, is to have successful team member backing you – and that is what a virtual assistant can be for you.

Thanks for reading and if you are needing any advice on where to find the perfect VA let us know

A Virtual Assistant or a part time employee - which one is right for you?

There comes a time in your business when you just cant do it all. You are wearing all the hats, spinning all the plates and you’re on the verge of burn out. This is the signs that you need to outsource. Even if you think you don’t have the budget, outsourcing some of your works actually frees you up time to get more clients/customers which in turn brings in more money.

The decision is then, do you employ someone or do you a freelancer? Some things to think about are:-

No Hidden Costs

When hiring an employee you have to think about other costs involved such as payroll taxes, national insurance contributions, employment insurance, holidays, sick days and other benefits. So what you pay then monthly/yearly isn’t a true reflection on what you actually pay.

When you hire a VA you are paying for the exact amount of time they have worked on your project. You don’t have to pay for their holidays, tea breaks, chatting to their colleagues, sick days or any other benefits that come with an employed member of staff.

No Overheads

A virtual assistant has their own equipment, their own work space and their own insurance. You don’t need to worry about a seat in your office or expanding your office space to accommodate staff.


When you hire an employee you set their hours and work is usually done within these core hours 9-5 Monday to Friday. With a VA you will often find that they work into the evenings and some on weekends to make sure your work is done.


As an employee relies on References from previous roles, a VA relies on keeping their clients happy to enable their businesses to succeed and there is no better motivation than knowing you are providing the best service you can, which in turn means referrals and great testimonials.

So what is your choice, Employee or VA? It all depends on personal preference I think.

If you would like to discuss how a VA can help you, please drop me a message.

Natalie xx

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How to increase productivity through your office space

Most of us don’t have the luxury of a separate office in our house, especially when kids get involved!

I was kicked out of my office when our daughters arrived.  My office then moved to a space outside our bedroom, which then turned into my dressing area, and now my permanent space is a small room we did use as a dressing area/junk room.

The plans were to have the office in the attic but we thought financially it wasn’t the best option as this isn’t our forever home.  So I am now in the process of doing up our office and have spent ages planning and designing, more designing as its got to look aesthetically pleasing as well!

So my top tips are:-


Decide if you are going to do this yourself or hire in professional help – are you a DIY’er, creative and/or do you have the time?

This is a crucial factor to consider before you jump in to make sure you get the best possible space you need for your business.

An Interior Designer or Home Stylist can actually save you money in the long run, as it avoids any costly mistakes and frees back some of that precious time we all don’t seem to have these days.

If you are keen to do this project yourself, Pinterest is a great place to start pinning office ideas.  This is one of the first things I ask my clients to do.  It gives me an idea of the style they are after and sometimes, if a client doesn’t really know what their style is, it helps them visualise how they would like it to look.


Decide where you want your office to be.

Choose a space that gives you the room to move as you need to carry out your work comfortably.  Look at other options if inside space doesn’t work such as your garage, shed or perhaps building an office in your garden.  Although this is initially a lot to pay out, it will give you the freedom you need, away from distractions in the home and also perfect if you have clients visiting or a place to hold meetings.


Even the smallest of spaces in your home can be used as a potential office space, with good space planning ideas.

They can be places such as alcoves:


Under the stairs:


Remember to think practically too – do you have enough sockets?   Can you eliminate noise whilst you are working?  Will you have glare on your screen from the sun?  Do you have suitable storage solutions?  Do you have a window for fresh air?


When planning your office you need to make sure you have the right amount of storage for your paperwork or for any items that you use in your business e.g if you craft.

I will cover on another Blog about how to de-clutter your filing systems and make best use of your storage, but for now I will show you some great storage ideas.

I am a big fan of having everything in boxes out of sight!  Hello OCD!!  I find too much clutter around my workspace very frustrating and I am not as productive.

These Box Files are perfect for invoices and paperwork:


Here is a great storage idea if you have a creative business.  Your tools are on hand but are visible.  Its neat and tidy and you can grab what you need immediately without rummaging around, which saves you time:


If you are short of space to have large filing cabinets and bookcases, shelves above the desk are a good alternative:


A Chalkboard Calendar can be placed on the wall to free up desk space from desk calendars and diaries.  It also gives you a good visual for what you need to get done that day to keep you focused:


Storage boxes and baskets keep all your bits neat and out of sight, avoiding any distractions and frustration, if you are anything like me:



The best bit, for me anyway, is the design … colours, furniture and accessories.  We need our offices space to be practical, but we also need it to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye.  If you walk into your office and love it, you immediately feel better about the task ahead.  If you walk into an office with paperwork laying all over, a dark miserable room, it’s going to put you in that frame of mind.

I love bright, light work spaces.  I love inspirational quotes to give me motivation and just a space that is bloody gorgeous! I like to throw in some texture with a few sheep skin rugs, plants & pretty pictures.  I want it to make me feel calm but energised to start the day – somewhere I love to spend my time.

As an entrepreneur you spend quite a lot of time in the office and you work bloody hard, so why shouldn’t you have a gorgeous space to work in!?